One Year Later

Thought I’d break free from my current reviewing of Disney television animation for a moment to explain myself and what happened with the blog during 2008.

Fact is, very little happened. See, back when I created The Cartoon Couch Potato at the start of 2008, I was excited taking on a new project. I had so much to write about; opinions to express, cartoons to explore – I had several ideas swirling around in my head for what to post about. When I started in January I had more free time to focus on the blog, and I tried desperately to keep my posting pace up as my free time waned in the coming months. First I committed myself to at least four posts a month…then it became three…then two…then only one. And even then, I could barley commit myself to making even one single post a month, usually rushing it on the last day of each. If I had really slacked I could have gone six months without posting again, but that would have gotten me nowhere with gaining readers. I know my blog won’t get anywhere fast without frequent posting, and I know my 25 posts over 2008 is what most people post in a single month.

After starting to review Disney’s television cartoons, I wanted to stick to that only and not break topic. But at the current speed I’m going I won’t be done for another two to three years, and by then I will have missed a lot else to write about. I’m not even near the half way point with Disney, and I do apologize to readers that dislike my extremely slow pace. You have to understand I have a very busy life, and a seemingly endless list of other online and computer endeavors and tasks to attend to, some of them years old already. When all is said and done with me working on separate projects, I don’t get far per month, and am limited to one post a month here because I’m so insanely busy with 1001 other things. It sucks to see how positive I seemed to be when I started this blog, ready to set off for an adventure which would lead the blog to becoming very well known before the year ended. Due to my lack of activity, this blog is still barley known.

I still have many things to write about – scribbled down on pieces of paper and typed in documents. Sad thing is most of what I wrote doesn’t make sense to me now at all, as I’ve forgotten some of what I was going to write. And even when I do get to writing these ideas, they will already be so dated. I know my posts are slow coming, but you have to admit I deliver pretty long posts if I have enough to write about. That factor itself is a small problem, as it usually takes me so long to research and compile a single post and to proof read it several times before I post it, it usually takes me hours to get the job done. Even though I’m just as busy as ever and more behind than ever before (due to a virus a month ago causing me to reformat and loose two weeks time), I will try and post more here in 2009. Just don’t hold your breath.

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Flank said...

Hi Steve! I love your blog and read almost everything here. I just want to say thanks! Your pace is fine with me, I also don't have much time myself. But, here, thanks to you, I was able to read about some good ol' toons from my childhood and it brought good memories. I think you did a good job here and I hope you'll continue it. Your reviews are well done and interesting, I found something new about my fave old shows. I appreciate you as a cartoon expert.
Keep the good work!