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To coincide with my previous post about the death of the fansite, I thought I’d post up my collection of old comic/cartoon related Internet bookmarks to share with others who may not find these sites right away via search engines. What I have here is a fairly good list of fantastic fansites (even some official) that even though are old or very old, still provide useful content today.

Calisota Online – Various research on old comics and cartoons, including family trees.
The Unofficial Disney Animation Archive – Like the title states, a site full of useful info regarding their animation.
Dizpins – News and info for pin collectors.
Goofy Und Max Fanpage – German fansite about Goof Troop/A Goofy Movie, also available in English.
Russian CDRR Portal – A Russian Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers fansite.
The Acorn Cafe – A long standing forum for fans of Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers.
The Weekenders Shrine – The only fansite I know of for The Weekenders.
UltimateDisney.com – An excellent site to keep up with the latest DVD releases.
Indy’s Ranger Museum – An old Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers fansite.

BadBadRubberPiggy.comInvader Zim fansite.
Presseservice Nick – I think its official, contains high quality promotional artwork. German.
The Rocko Zone – Super oldschool Rocko’s Modern Life fansite.
Room With A Moose & GirInvader Zim fansite.
The Amazing Invader Zim WebsiteInvader Zim fansite.
The Unofficial Rugrats Online – I cannot express how immensely thankful I am for this site. I learned so much about Nicktoons and Nickelodeon in general, even found out interesting things about Canadian television going back many years. It’s huge, and I highly recommend taking the time to look through it. Its simple and well laid out, and covers everything Nickelodeon you can think of up until September 2003, the last time it was really updated overall (save for some minor things in September 2005). It was handed over to new ownership in May 2007. I find it a real damn shame this site isn’t updated anymore (I still remember visiting it when it was up-to-date), but it proves to be a time capsule source of information to this day.
The ZimdexInvader Zim fansite specializing in wavsounds from the series (Man, wavs are such a 90’s things to me now. I remember a lot of websites back then showcased huge amounts of wavs from various television shows and movies).
Don’s Hey Arnold! Site – The first Hey Arnold! fansite online since 1997, provides lots of info. Check out his main page for more links.
Sheltered Shrubs – Also from the webmaster above, a well done As Told By Ginger fansite.
The Unofficial Hey Arnold! Site – A well done Hey Arnold! fansite.

Tails.Kicks-Ass.Net – May look primitive by design, but this is an excellent site specializing in lots of downloads, including all the comics and television shows. Also has loads of fanart too.
BumbleKing Comics – This Side of Mobius – An informative forum about the latest Sonic The Hedgehog comics.
Fans United For SatAM – A long running fansite for the Saturday morning Sonic The Hedgehog series.
Planète-Sonic – A French Sonic The Hedgehog fansite, I wish it was in English because its well done.
Sonic Gear – A site tracking down and showcasing all available Sonic related merchandise all over the world.
Sonic HQ – One of the oldest Sonic The Hedgehog fansites, last updated in March 2008, but hasn’t been up-to-date since March 2007. Still provides relevant info.
Sonic The Hedgehog – Archie Comics’ official blog for the latest Sonic The Hedgehog comics.
Sonic-Gif – The biggest fansite providing Sonic related animated gifs.
The Sonic World – A long running Sonic The Hegdehog fansite.
The Sonic Staduim – Another long running and likely the most popular and up-to-date Sonic The Hedgehog site, features plenty of info and multimedia, well organized.
TeamArtail – Where Sonic fanartists submitted fanart for years before Deviantart was created and grew to take over for a popular place for submitting art. Had a huge gallery online for years featuring almost ten years of fanart that went offline sometime over 2008, along with the newer gallery created in 2006. Hasn’t really been updated in years, but for a while was a main source for Sonic X screengrabs when the series was current. Also has other downloads as well.

Bart, The One And Only – Decent Bart Simpson fansite.
Just D’oh It – Excellent Simpsons fansite from the UK.
Last Exit To Springfield – A long running Simpsons fansite, featuring over 70,000 screengrabs from every episode.
Springfield Shopper – A great German fansite, nicely laid out and has lots of info.
The Simpsons Folder – Before Wikipedia this is where you could find the latest promotional pictures. Also features screengrabs from The Tracey Ullman Show era.
The Simpsons Archive – An extremely detailed site featuring a lot of info.

Sinconan – Chinese Detective Conan fansite.
All-conan.net – Japanese Detective Conan fansite.
Shogakukan Online – I’m fairly sure this is the official site for the Detective Conan magna.
Animated Lust – A long running site covering various things in animation, hasn’t been updated since March 2008.
Animation Insider – A great site with up-to-date news and info concerning animation all over the world.
Animation Magazine – I’ve never seen a paper issue of this magazine in Canada. Excellent site for news and info.
Animation World Network – Fantastic site with large archives, has been very helpful to me when looking for info about certain shows and movies. A lot of well written articles; if you’re an animation lover I urge you to good through the older articles for some good reads.
Cartoon Resource Website – Still updated as of this post, a long running excellent site for info and airdates.
Chilly Willy’s Sub-Arctic World – Online since 1997, a fansite featuring everything to do with the character Chilly Willy. Lots of content.
Cybersix Data Domain – Old fansite for the little known Cybersix animated series.
Craig’s Cybersix Page – Another old fansite for the series, well written with details about each episode.
The Cyber Space – Another old fansite for the series, sadly was never completed in its entirety.
Cybersix.it – An Italian Cybersix fansite focusing on the comics rather than the animated series.
DConan.de – German Detective Conan fansite.
Edogawaconan.com – Japanese Detective Conan fansite, has tons of desktop wallpapers.
Don Markstein’s Toonopedia – A vastly informative site covering many areas in animation.
Jerry Beck’s Cartoon Research – This man has done his homework, and his Animated Movie Guide is certainly an educational read through.
Lambiek.Net – A great site about European comics and their creators.
Never Forgotten: A Foster’s Home Fansite – Lots of content and neatly organized. Hasn’t been updated in over a year.
Annie Awards – The official site, like the “Oscars” of animation.
Planète Jeunesse – I’ve found this site very helpful when researching European cartoons. I liked their older layout as it was easier to navigate shows, so you may need to dig a bit to find what you need.
Sons Of Butcher – The official site for the adult Flash animated series and mock-rock band. Proudly Canadian.
Sooper Secret KND Production Site – I wish other cartoons had a site like this, as it shone a light on the behind the scenes events when Codename: Kids Next Door was a current show.
The Raccoons – Nostalgia Zone – Still online after many years, small and simple, but informative nonetheless.
The Unofficial Raccoons Home Page – Terrific fansite for the Canadian cult classic series The Raccoons.
The Walter Lantz Cartune Encyclopedia – Everything you ever wanted to know about Woody Woodpecker and his creator.
Tiny Toon Image Gallery Plus – Long since abandoned, but a long serving fansite for the series Tiny Toon Adventures.
The Big Cartoon Database – Another old site covering everything in cartoons.
Toon Zone – Another old site with up-to-date news and info, also a good place to find interviews from series creators/producers/directors.
Toonarific Cartoon Archive – Yet again, another long serving site about cartoons, but I’m not sure if it’s up-to-date.
Zeichentrickserien.de – Resourceful German site full of info, airdates and episode lists and guides for a lot of animated shows.

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